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Daily Express Commissions Toluna to Research Bitcoin

Article posted on February 16th, 2018

Daily Express

An independent survey of over 1,000 UK residents, exclusively compiled for by Toluna, a leading provider of on-demand consumer insights, found that respondents were still, largely, negative to the prospect of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin being offered as an investment opportunity. 

However, the results are not conclusively negative and a significant portion of those polled were receptive to seeing bitcoin-like products on the British high street.

Of the 1002 people polled, 690 – or 68.86 percent – said they would not buy cryptocurrencies if they were offered by a high street bank.

However, 312, or 31.14 percent, of those polled said that they would purchase cryptocurrencies, which is a high figure considering the negative associations with cyber crime, money laundering and the dark web; not to mention the more recent regulatory concerns and subsequent price volatility.

The sentiment was similar when respondents were asked if they believed that cryptocurrencies would be widely used in the near future, with 41 percent, or 419 people, saying yes while 58 percent believe that bitcoin will not be a part of our lives in the near future.

When asked what factors most concerning respondents about cryptocurrencies, 43 percent, or 440 people, cited cybercrime and hacking security risks, while 38 percent, or 386 people claimed that the recent price volatility concerned them most.

Government regulation or a ban accounted for 10 percent of people’s concern.

The results are further evidence of a slow creep towards the mainstream of cryptocurrencies and, although not everyone’s convinced, there is no shortage of opinion on bitcoin and its accompanying technology.

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